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Tipitaka Chanting Day 1 (06/08/2017)


IBAAIn honoring the 92nd Birthday of the most Venerable Phrarajmongkolrangsi Wat Thai Washington, DC and International Buddhist Association of America (IBAA) requests the honor of your company at the Buddhist Religious Ceremony

Wat Thai Washington, DC

13440 Layhill Rd. Silver Spring, MD 20906

The International Tipitaka Chanting Sponsor by International Buddhist Association of America (IBAA)

The Religious Ceremony dedicating the merit to the longevity of the most Venerable Phrarajmongkolrangsi.

Phrarajmongkolrangsi is the abbot of Wat Thai Washington, DC and a senior Advisor of the Council of Thai Bhikhu. He is known for a skilled preacher using simple language for all to understand, a prolific writer, a great meditation teacher. Venerable Phrarajmongkolrangsi is well known throughout United States, Europe and in Thailand for his truly and lifelong dedication to Buddhism.

The Tipitaka chanting scheduled for June 8 - 10, 2017 at Wat Thai is the second International Tipitaka chanting program on the East Coast of the US. The tradition of chanting from the Pali Tipitaka at the place of enlightenment Bodhgaya, India has received high praise amongst Buddhist communities throughout the world.

We look forward to a beautiful gathering where we can recite together and share in the merit of making offerings to the Most Venerable Phrarajmongkolrangsi, Mahasangha and all the attendees.


>>>>>>>>>>>> Schedule of Events <<<<<<<<<<<<


Thursday June 8th, 2017 AM (Morning Program)

8:30-9:00 AM
Tipitaka procession starts at the circle in front of the Buddha Hall for a three (3) rounds of circumambulations.

Venerable monks take seats at their respected place

Most Venerable Phrarajmongkolrangsi the Abbot of Wat Thai Washington, D.C lighting the candles to bless the starting of official program

Lighting of the lamps by the Ambassadors from the International Buddhist Communities

Introduction and Welcome by 
Ven. Choawkhun-Phravidhet-Ratanaporn (Ven. Thanat Inthisan PhD.) Chairman of the Board Wat Thai Washington, D.C and Chairman of the Board (IBAA)

Brief speeches by the attending Ambassadors (5- 7 minutes/each)

Brief blessing chanting by the host temple (Recitation of Mangalasuttam)

10:15-10:30 Introduction and Welcome to the 2nd Tipitaka chanting on the East Coast by

Mrs. Wangmo Dixey President of the International Buddhist Association of America (IBAA) and the Executive Director Light Buddhadharma Foundation International, Berkeley CA

10:30-11:00 Keynote speaker:
Venerable Ananda from Mahabodhi Society of Bangalore, India

Subject TBA

11:00 Lunch buffet offering for monks (Downstairs Multipurpose Hall)

12:00 Lunch buffet for lay devotees (Lunch table prepared for Ambassadors)


Thursday June 8th, 2017 PM (Afternoon Program)

01- 2:30
Afternoon chanting programs begins in the Buddha Hall

Lighting of the lamps by the
Thai Monks from Wat Thai Washington, D.C
Chanting of Dighanikaya Sutta: Page TBD

Summarized in English by the Thai Monks

Lighting of the lamps by the
Burmese Monks Burmese Monks
Chanting of Dighanikaya Sutta: Page TBD

Summarized in English by the Burmese Monks

04:15 - 4:30 Afternoon tea break

4:30 – 5:00
Keynote speaker:
Dhammadipa Sak, PhD
Abbot the Buddhist US Zen Institute, Germantown MD
Subject TBA

6:00 Evening chanting with the Sangha of Wat Thai Washington, DC
7:00 Meditation session lead by Meditation Master TBA
9:00 Adjourn

Event Date