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Our Mission

Our Mission

To promote, preserve and protect Buddhism within the United States of America and abroad. This is done through the collaboration with all branches (yanas), for the benefit of all beings.

There are five areas in which the Association will be active:

First, we will work to be the center of Buddhist voices advocating diversity and pluralism of religions in America at Federal and State level.

To achieve this we have established a program of outreach to Ambassadors of Buddhist countries and will compile directories of all Buddhist organizations in each state of America. We will use these contacts to ensure attendance of government representatives at important Buddhist events wherever possible, and to petition the White House to recognize the Vesak celebrations. A permanent secretariat will be established to respond to enquiries and requests from IBAA members.

Second, we will work to develop a program of Buddhist education for youth.

We will develop a text book on Buddhism with positions from all three yanas; we will also develop a program of Buddhist camps on mindfulness and meditation and the adoption of five precept programs in schools. In the longer term, we plan to open a University for Buddhist studies in Washington DC.

Third, we will promote intellectual interest in Buddhist history, archaeology, religion & philosophy, architecture and sociology.

To achieve this we will sponsor the first ever Mahayana sutra chanting program for all Mahayana countries at Vulture’s peak in Rajgir, and offer pilgrimages to the great Indian sites of pilgrimage for all traditions.

Fourth, we plan to hold periodic local Buddhist, national and international conferences to highlight issues of interest to Buddhists in America.

Finally we will organize a Buddhist Congregation to regularly promote the study and Buddhist Spiritual Worship locally and through Outreach to and Networking with the International Buddhist Communities.