International Buddhist Association of America (IBAA) was established to promote the Buddhist studies, Buddhist spiritual worship, Social Services, and to perform religion activities in a spirit of non-sectarian tolerance of Buddhist communities in the United States. Furthermore, IBAA is hoping to be the Center of Buddhists’ voices advocating Diversity and Pluralism of religions in the United States. In the spirit of working together, fully cooperating, collaborating, and without partiality or prejudice, the IBAA has resolved that the Board of Directors shall comprise all three (3) branches of Buddhism, Theravada, Mahayana, and Vajrayana. On behalf of IBAA, I am honored to invite you to join us and become a member of our new and exciting Buddhist organization in the United States. Working together we will continue to make each of our International Buddhist Communities a better place to worship and to spread the peaceful words of Buddha.

Buddha bless you all
Ven. Thanat Inthisan (Ph.D.)
Chairman of the Board